Vodafone Qatar

Opinion: Kyle Whitehill

More than 100 million smartphone users each consumed more than 1GB of data per month in 2013 – the equivalent of 250 songs, or 4,000 photographs. And this is just the beginning. It is predicted that by 2016, global mobile data will reach 18 times current levels; a mind-boggling 130 exabytes annually

Vodafone to Chair Family Online Safety Board

In Qatar, Vodafone has launched AmanTECH, the company’s aid programme for online child and youth safety. AmanTECH, which stands for ‘Safe Technology’, aims at promoting digital literacy amongst parents and improving children’s digital safety.

Vodafone Qatar Signs MoU with Carnegie Mellon

The MoU aims to improve and reinforce knowledge for the university’s students as well as telecom employees, in the fields of education, scientific research, executive training, social development as well as business management, and information systems.