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Food, Food, Everywhere – But Not Enough To Eat

Actually, there is plenty to provide for all until 2050 at least. The problem – one that causes the deaths of 7,100 children under five from malnutrition every day – is in its distribution. Lough Erne may end with a solution, but likely only a partial one at best

New Harvests In The Desert

Scarce water supplies and a lack of usable agricultural land mean the states of the Arabian Gulf have long relied on imports for the majority of their food. But with massively growing populations and uncertainty over the price of staples, can these countries feed themselves?

Make Poverty History – The Inside View

For me the story really began in a field in Edinburgh a few days before the Gleneagles summit in July 2005. That day, we had about 250,000 people marching through the city to call on the G8 to “make poverty history”.


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