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The Hidden Cost Of Water

The Hidden Cost Of Water

It is our most precious resource. Yet most of us have no idea that the trade that keeps much of the planet water secure relies on just five countries. We are deluded if we think we can continue to take it for granted. We need to think about water in new ways. Put simply, human beings don’t understand its true value, and we are at a point in our relationship with nature’s vast but limited resources where we can’t afford to stay ignorant.

Why Aren’t Women’s Rights Human Rights?

Fifty years on from Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique, some argue feminism has caused more problems than it has solved. But while arguments continue to rage about what the status and roles of women should be, too little real progress has been made.

Education For All

For too long there has been a dangerous assumption that progress toward universal schooling is inexorable. In fact, it has stalled, and is even falling back in Africa.


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