Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art

Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art is home to a unique permanent collection that offers a rare comprehensive overview of modern Arab art. Visit our website

Making Their Voices Heard

It’s an internship with a difference and one that offers unique work experience. ‘Mathaf Voices’ offers students with a passion for art the opportunity to share their views with visitors to one of Doha’s finest attractions.

Internships Are Vital For Student Development

Internships can often become an important part of college students’ lives by taking them outside of their comfort zones and challenging them to move beyond what they study in class. Thus, internships become a crucial means of giving students the necessary experience to have successful careers.

Mathaf Hosts A Special Ramadan Night

MATHAF: Arab Museum of Modern Art opened its doors to the general public late on Saturday 13 July for a special evening of Ramadan celebrations, during which visitors were treated to a display of some of the local cultural activities that take place during the Holy Month.