Raising Standards of Service by Honing Skills

Executives from the hotel industry in Qatar, the region, and beyond, have honed their skills by participating in the Senior Hospitality Leadership Program, organized by AMLAK - a member of Qatar Foundation (QF) - and Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, regarded as the world leader in its field.
Professor Steven Carvell
The program took place at Qatar National Conventional Centre (QNCC) from 8-12 March 2015, incorporating strategic hospitality management, marketing, leadership, and hospitality finance.

For Professor Steven Carvell, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, who conducted the program, the partnership with QF and AMLAK represents an opportunity to create, extend, and spread knowledge within an expanding business sector, and bring added value to Qatar through “state-of-the-art” professional development, in alignment with the economic development pillar of Qatar National Vision 2030.

“The program provided the executives who participated with a comprehensive set of strategic tools, allowing them to create value within their industry, and ensuring those who invest in the hospitality sector gain a return on their investment,” he told QF Telegraph.

“Visitors to Qatar, and the country’s population, expect consistently excellent service. The origins of hospitality lie in Arabic culture, and the Arab world defines hospitality and quality service. It is therefore important – especially ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup - that executives within this sector can access the best training possible. Through this program, that is what we are providing.”

Professor Carvell added: “The executives participated in a very interactive, very engaged, fashion, not only in terms of their personal contribution, but in the way they worked with each other. The program included a lot of group work, and through these collective projects, the participants worked very well together in terms of bringing their own experiences and ideas from different organizations in different countries.”

Cornell University’s relationship with QF already runs deep, due to the establishment of Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, a Hamad bin Khalifa University partner university, and Professor Carvell said his admiration for the vision and mission of QF continues to grow.

“The way QF has brought together so many prestigious institutions to intertwine, and to support education and enlightenment in Qatar, is wonderful to witness,” he said.

“Placing such an emphasis on education and the creation and enhancement of knowledge represents a strong and forward-looking vision. And the importance of service delivery, and attention to detail, is clearly demonstrated within QF, AMLAK, and QNCC, which is, quite simply, a world-class facility.”

The program is a new strand to the connection between QF and Cornell University, and Professor Carvell said opportunities to extend it further are now being explored and developed in partnership with AMLAK.

“Our focus at present is on the hospitality sector, but we are also working toward the infusion of hospitality in healthcare, with the objective of improving patient quality,” he said.

“We are also looking at how the education and expertise we provide can be utilized in the field of sport and entertainment in Qatar, and in other sectors.

“AMLAK is a great organization that brought together a great group of students, and it has been phenomenal to enter into this partnership. We hope this program is just the start, and that, by extending it, there will be significant benefit for Qatar, its people, and its economy.”